Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with A New Dairy

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with A New Dairy

July is National Ice Cream Month!

It is no surprise that July, the peak of summer in America, celebrates one of the most popular food treats. Whether the neighborhood kids chase the musical sounds of the ice cream truck or a dinner out with friends ends with a la mode, ice cream is a main fixture of the U.S. food industry.

What makes ice cream special is its versatility, a food that is able to cater to all tastes, thus bringing people together. The communal experience of ice cream is clearly inspired by the people who make, distribute and serve it. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, “most ice cream companies are family owned and have been in operation for more than 50 years!” This idyllic notion of families serving communities ties into the feelings associated with ice cream: comfort, happiness, and satisfaction. Not many other foods can bring about the same type of joy and comfort that ice cream does. Therefore, the real surprise is that we only dedicate one month—not all year long—to celebrating the wonderful delight that is ice cream.

The New Dairy family is excited to celebrate National Ice Cream Month by distributing ice cream to the Chicagoland area, in addition to dedicating the next four weeks to sharing more information about ice cream. Every Tuesday, visit AND More to learn more about the history of ice cream, discover interesting flavors, and be inspired to create flavor combinations of your own. Follow our National Ice Cream Month posting schedule:

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July 16th: 10 Creative & Original Ice Cream Flavors To Try Today

July 23rdNational Vanilla Ice Cream Day: How to Spot the Differences of Vanilla Flavors

July 30th: Creating Your Own Gelato Flavor: The Key Ingredients

A New Dairy is Chicagoland’s Ice Cream Headquarters! We carry the largest selection of ice cream novelty products as well as hundreds of flavors in different varieties and sizes. Learn more about brands we distribute on our Vendor Partnerships page. Check out our Ice Cream flyers below with more information and stock lists. Information and products on the following flyers are subject to change. Please call or email us for the most up-to-date information.

New Dairy Ice Cream Month 6.28.19

What is your favorite ice cream? Share it with us in the comment section.

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