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New Dairy has been dedicated to serving our customers for over 80 years. We customize our approach to fit your needs,
recognizing that the goals and challenges for each business are as unique as the establishment itself.

The demands of the food industry seem never-ending and we understand that having the right product at the right moment makes a big difference when trying to keep up with day-to-day operations. Our sales and customer service representatives are here to ensure you have the items and tools you need before you even need them.

Anticipating each customer’s needs and challenges is what makes us exceptional among our competitors. Being a small business allows us to tackle Chicago’s food industry with a more specific and personalized approach. We are not just your foodservice distributor; we are also your neighbor, patron, and partner in your business endeavors. We understand the stakes behind each business—your goals are our goals—and we strive to help your business shine amongst Chicagoland’s diverse and growing culinary scene.

Other than restaurants and other traditional (and non-traditional) dining establishments, we have partnered with hotels, caterers, country clubs, airlines and other small-to-large organizations who have a lot on their plate. From meeting nutritional requirements to controlling foods costs, we’re committed to helping your operations grow and increase efficiency and quality.

We establish a collaborative working partnership with your operation to develop a customized list of products and services, so you can focus on your business passions and priorities.

Our Sales Team

Unlike large corporations, New Dairy specializes in locally managed business relationships. Our sales representatives are your advocates.

We recognize customer needs from first-hand experience in the industry and know how to provide solutions to a variety of business challenges. Our team, comprised of Chef’s, restaurant entrepreneurs, ice cream aficionados, “foodies” and more are experts in their fields. Their combined knowledge of food products and culinary practices is an invaluable element to our customer partnerships.

Therefore, because of our background in culinary and foodservice settings, our team understands what it’s like to manage a kitchen and staff, also while ensuring that patrons receive an exceptional dining experience. We also keep up with industry influencers, what’s trending, and which new ideas are taking off, in order to help your business evolve and stay current with the times.

Speak with a sales representative today. Call 312-421-1234 or email info@anewdairy.com.

Our Customer Service and Delivery Teams

Our customer service representatives are trained to provide top-notch service when receiving your orders or answering questions.

Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, our customer service team ensures that your orders are submitted accurately and on time. You can submit orders by phone call, email or fax – whichever is the most convenient method for you.

Our flexible delivery schedules guarantee you receive your order when you need it.

Our delivery area spans a 60-mile radius around the city of Chicago. Our dedicated team of delivery drivers will transport your orders in our refrigerated trucks, which are strictly maintained to follow the highest safety standards you expect from A New Dairy.

To learn more, call 312-421-1234 or email info@anewdairy.com.