Project Description

Baked in Belgium! 

Bringing you authentic and premium Brussels waffles and Pearl Sugar waffles directly from Belgium. We, at Avieta, leveraged our 75 years of know-how expertise to become the leading Belgian producer of authentic premium Belgian waffles.

Located in the center of Belgium (Europe) Avieta operates two manufacturing sites. In the best artisanal Belgian tradition, Avieta combines classic recipes, superior quality ingredients to produce its famous “Belgian Waffles”. Our waffles are indeed free from preservative and coloring.

Avieta’s par-baked Brussels Waffles have a light and crispy outside with a soft and airy inside. Enjoyed for breakfast or desserts, sprinkled with powder sugar, maple syrup, or simply topped with ice cream, it’s a versatile product across various meal occasions. In addition to its authentic Belgian quality, it offers operational efficiencies (ready to heat-up) and superior holding time in chafing dish.

Avieta’s Pearl Sugar Waffles are simply delicious – light, crispy and soft. The yeast raised dough includes decadent pieces of pearl sugar, delicately melted in the center and caramelized on the outside. Enjoyed at room temperature or warm, with or without toppings, Avieta’s Pearl Sugar Waffles are the perfect snacks or desserts.

How will you bring Avieta’s Premium Belgian Waffles onto your menus?