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About Foxtail Foods – Food Service Heritage and Baking Expertise

At Foxtail Foods we’ve been delivering premium baking items since 1986. We’ve honed our baking expertise with every batch of well-loved pies, cookies, muffins, brownies and pancakes we help create. Through research, analytical studies, working with chefs, industry conferences and more, we have been able to create solutions for each of our customers that allow them to keep up with foodservice trends and boost profits every step of the way.

Our team works on the principles of consistency in everything we do, belief in our accumulated knowledge of the products and the markets in which we compete, and deliberately focusing everyday decisions on our organizational mission. We strive to provide our customers with flexibility, credibility and innovation necessary to help grow their sales.

For nearly 30 years we’ve made sure to address what’s most important to our customers – whether that’s lowering costs, reducing prep time, tweaking recipes for regional preferences, or perfecting those finishing touches that make you proud to call our baking items your own.

That’s what we’re made of at Foxtail Foods. And baking expertise, foodservice heritage and great taste are our main ingredients.